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Wisdom Card Deck

Welcome to the wonderful and mysterious world of Cosmic Laws and their value in your life.

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Cosmic Laws govern all of creation. They explain your place in the Universe and validate your birthright as a Creator/Trix.

As Hermetics, Eastern and Western Mystics, Shamans, Transcendentalists, and Modern Physicists have experienced, now YOU and those special people in your life can enter a cosmic landscape overflowing with transformative and inspiring powers that awaken the soul and unlock mysteries of the Universe within and all around you.

This deck contains 44 Wisdom Cards with 42 Cosmic Laws. Each Wisdom Card gets at the essence of the Laws and pulsates with the love and joy I poured into it.

What will these Cosmic Laws help you achieve?

When affirmed and applied, these Laws change the trajectory of your life and offer success in all areas of endeavor.  Enjoy!  Lorraine Simone


  • Draw a card and hold it in your hand. Feel the energy radiating from it.
  • Examine each of the images with care and meditate on the images that call to you.
  • Read the Nutshell and Definition to better grasp its essence.
  • Absorb the message’s distilled wisdom and be inspired.
  • Then prepare to receive its gift of love and validation into your life and your creative process.
  • Affirm aloud the teachings of that Law until you begin to embody it’s vibration and make it your own.
  • Carry the card with you each day to remind you of the wisdom of that Law and your place in the Universe.
  • Personalize your own affirmations and actions, then journal your experience of that Law.
When I face a challenge, I put one of these Cosmic Laws to work on solving it. I feel like I have the power of the universe at my fingertips!”  Barbara


Bonus Download

I want you to have a place to be CREATIVE and JOYFUL in the presence of my dynamic and electric Cosmic Laws Wisdom Cards.

Capture your personal affirmations and express them in words, colors, images, and patterns that describe them best. There are no lines, nor margins to confine your expansive talents. Now, this journal is your workbook, coloring book, visioning book, and best friend.


Your Wisdom Card Deck is shrink-wrapped and delivered in a COSMIC drawstring bag.

*Cards will arrive later this month; shipping not included

What people are saying about the Cosmic Wisdom Cards!!!

“These Cosmic Wisdom Cards, capture the essence of each Law, so I feel like I hold the secrets of the universe in my hands.” Lee

“I am truly blown away by the vibration of the truth of every one of these cards. “ Willow

“The cards are truly amazing and a work of art and spirit.” Dr. Peggy

Wow! Wow!! Wow! I love them!!! Can not wait to use them!!!! Terry Anne

“I love them! Love the colors, the stars, and images, and how you took the Laws and presented them in such a meaningful and understandable—relatable—way. You take familiar qualities and concepts and give them an unexpected and unique presentation. I feel the lightbulb go on!… Duh…of course! It is really so simple…” Susan

“Thank you, they are versatile, and can’t wait to see how they weave into our visioning course and incorporate them into my consciousness.” Chris

THANK YOU…it is evident how much joy and fun you had with these, the vibration is palpable!!!” Robin

“These cards are wonderful! You did such a great job of getting down to the essence of each law and making it brief and easy to understand—and use. No easy task! I like the way you put it all together. They are going to be so helpful and inspiring to so many people. Congrats!