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Living the Mysteries

This work in Level 2 is all about purpose and the transformational power of energy.  It is very personal — between you and the Mother of us all, and as with all things true, it is therefore also very universal.  When you bring the energy of the Sacred Feminine into and through the vessel of your body there is only the Oneness and Perfection of Life that you see through Her eyes.  This experience will change who you “BE” and how you hold yourself in the world — forever.

Gatherings and teachings focus on ceremonies, learning rituals, holding space, Mentoring a Maiden currently enrolled in the Rites of Passage Program, becoming the hollow bone, aligning your intuitive powers, care for the sacred vessel of you, and opening to the Goddess within you and bringing Her wisdom to the world during our infamous Annual Goddess Pageant.

This level of study at the Mystery School, Living the Mysteries, is reserved for women who have completed their Rites of Passage and by invitation only.