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Women’s Way Sacred Sojourns

For thousands of years, seekers have traveled to the edges of the world in order to journey to the depths of their souls.  After such pilgrimages, they often come away feeling they have been changed. Their hearts have been opened, their spirits rejuvenated.

Join us for a Sojourn.  You will sense the thrum of power that still reverberates in the temples of Delphi, charged by 5000 years of invocation and prayer.  You can meet the goddesses revered by the vibrant, matriarchal culture of Minoan Crete.  You will feel the power they still have to heal us, bring us dreams, inspire us with passion and creativity. Stand before the cave at Eleusis, the most famous religious center of the ancient world and be initiated into the goddess’s eternal Mysteries.

To learn more about our Sojourns please visit us at Women’s Sacred Sojourns.  You will be able to sign up for our next trip, view our fantastic gallery of pictures and learn about our workshops.