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Rites of Passage

The Mystery School’s Rites of Passage Program, which is part pf the Women’s Ways curriculum, is a nine-month program, during which girls and women are shown how to access their own inner wisdom through personal experience.  They are given support and encouragement to remember who they truly are, walk their talk and learn to celebrate the uniqueness of their feminine spirit.  They reclaim their heritage as healers, teachers, innovators, counselors, leaders, artists and carriers of Life and Beauty in the world.

The RITES OF PASSAGE program weaves the teachings of Women’s Ways, conceived by Lorraine Simone, into the occasional communal gathering.  Monthly online meetings, ongoing private mentoring, and continual email correspondence helps produce a sisterhood of deeply committed women – women who are ready to undertake this most intimate transformation and step into the promise of their birthright.

The Rites of Passage teachings are experiential and are presented in the style of esoteric mystery schools and oral traditions.  Following these ancient traditions of empowered learning, this program ends in a Rites of Passage Ceremony, born of the elements of life – fire and water, earth and air.


Rites of Passage
Click Here to listen and download our On Purpose Conversation with Lorraine.

Rites of Passage are a vital part of the forgotten legacy of every woman. The vibration a woman carries forward into her life from her Rites of Passage awakens within her the recognition of a sacred self with place and purpose, which may otherwise have remained dormant through out her life.  

The Rites of Passage Ceremony at The Women’s Ways Mystery School is a most empowering experience, born of fire and water, earth and air.  When a woman, of any age, walks through the willow arch, as her antediluvian grandmothers did, she claims her wholeness and power.  She leaves behind her past with its childlike misconceptions of the feminine.  She awakens to her authenticity and no longer needs to relinquish her control and authority to anyone or anything outside of her Self.

She then steps into a new beginning. Now she is free to remember who she truly is as a natural spiritual leader, capable of creating an empowered future for herself, her family, her community and the world – all based on her true strengths of compassion, receptivity and vulnerability.  When she emerges from the waters of initiation and speaks her name, she takes back her true voice. With this voice she reclaims herself.

Like the lackluster raw ruby that barely resembles the luminous jewel it will become after it is faceted, a woman’s untapped feminine potential awaits awakening by Rites of Passage.  And so, like the ruby, the light within her is sparked in that Ceremony to be forever reflected into the world.

The Rites of Passage Program accommodates women of all ages, from around the world and around the corner, who want to experience this unique opportunity and celebrate this momentous Ceremony.  Our “e-Course” allows them to prepare for their Rites of Passage at home or to commute to the monthly gatherings in Southampton, New York. 

During this nine-moon program, women of all ages are educated in the art and science of the feminine and are encouraged to access their own inner knowledge in a variety of ways: through the teachings of Women’s Ways (presented in the style of esoteric mystery schools and oral traditions, personal experience, monthly online meetings, on-going private mentoring, and continual email correspondence. This program produces a sisterhood of deeply committed women – women who are ready to undertake this most intimate transformation and step into the promise of their birthright.  Are you ready?