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Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman

Drink in the breathtaking sights of the New Mexican desert and the Colorado Rockies. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, centuries-old teachings, prayers, sacred songs, stories, cosmology rituals, and nighttime healing ceremonies in sacred springs.

The Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman is a 400 mile spiritual pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of Changing Woman through the desert lands and red rocks of northern New Mexico, to the mysterious and majestic mountains of southern Colorado.  Some sites have been incorporated into national parks and Spas, while many still maintain their rugged, natural allure and energetic vitality. through colorful deserts and majestic mountains.

The lives of countless people have been transformed on this holy land and in these mineral rich, sacred waters. ¬†These healing elements are fundamental to the Sojourns’s ancient Ceremonies of Purification that culminate in a Ceremonial Initiation to the Goddess Changing Woman. ¬†These ceremonies, rituals and teachings were passed down¬†to¬†Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, from¬†the¬†oral tradition¬†of¬†her ancestors, the Shishindi People, who in turn chose¬†Lorraine Simone, M.S.Ed., aka Deep Arrow Woman, to¬†bring this ancient healing work to the modern world.¬†¬†¬†This Sacred Sojourn is truly an exquisite and life-changing gift to all humanity.

People who seek a deeper connection to the energy of the Divine Feminine as Changing Woman, want to release the cellular memory of trauma,  alter old, limiting patterns of thought and break through behaviors that trap them in unhappy, unsuccessful, unhealthy lives, are invited on this spiritual adventure of healing to reach their full potential for courage, forgiveness, humor, patience, and unconditional love.

‚ÄúWest of the Sangre de Christo Mountains in New Mexico, between a river and a rocky¬†ridge, the Earth-heated waters of Changing Woman rise to the surface and gather in¬†healing pools. Further to the West just beyond the pools lies a place where geology has¬†marked the Four Directions: four high desert plains intersect at a power point. This is a¬†region of origins, a place of birth and beginnings. From this place the Sojourn to the Lands of Changing Woman begins. as seekers have done for thousands of years, pilgrims who have committed themselves to¬†the Sojourn to purify themselves. Then they enter into the steaming, healing,¬†mineral waters. The chanting begins, and the waters awaken.‚ÄĚ ¬†‚Äď Steven McFadden,¬†author of¬†Profiles in Wisdom

Since 1998, Deep Arrow has taken international groups on this life-affirming and life-altering Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman.   Women and men from all spiritual paths, who are dedicated to reclaiming the Sacred Feminine for themselves and for the planet and who are also seeking Initiation in this Goddess energy, are welcome.

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