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Summer Solstice & Encampment

Our Summer Solstice Encampment and all its Ceremonies, Circles and Celebrations are heaven on earth!

Join us for a weekend of community, teachings and spiritual unfolding for all Warriors of Mother Earth.

We gather here on Long Island and begin our time together with a Community Circle with seasonal teachings and Summer Spirit Animal Allies, Sacred Fire classes, Rituals, Wisdom Traditions, talks, Circles, Seva (selfless service), fun, training’s, magic, ceremonies, laughter, mystery and sacred crafts – a personal, leather beaded Medicine Bag, rattle, drum, etc.

These are the times we were born for!

Teachings start at 3 pm. on Friday.  Community Circle at 7:30 pm .

Saturday begins with Communal Morning Prayers and is followed by classes, demos, training for Circle facilitators, Medicine Bag teachings, Moon Ceremony, and Pipe Ceremony.

Sunday celebrates the new season at a Sunrise Sacred Fire Ceremony, followed by a Feast, Water Blessing for summer, Message Circle, Naming Ceremony, Eldering Ceremony, and Restoration of the land.