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Summer Solstice & Encampment

Our Summer Solstice Encampment and all its Ceremonies, Circles and Celebrations are heaven on earth!

Join us for a weekend of community, teachings and spiritual unfolding for all Warriors of Mother Earth.

We gather here on Long Island and begin our time together with a Community Circle with seasonal teachings and Summer Spirit Animal Allies, Sacred Fire classes, Rituals, Wisdom Traditions, talks, Circles, Seva (selfless service), fun, training‚Äôs, magic, ceremonies, laughter, mystery and sacred crafts ‚Äď a personal, leather beaded Medicine Bag, rattle, drum, etc.

These are the times we were born for!

Teachings start at 3 pm. on Friday.  Community Circle at 7:30 pm .

Saturday begins with Communal Morning Prayers and is followed by classes, demos, training for Circle facilitators, Medicine Bag teachings, Moon Ceremony, and Pipe Ceremony.

Sunday celebrates the new season at a Sunrise Sacred Fire Ceremony, followed by a Feast, Water Blessing for summer, Message Circle, Naming Ceremony, Eldering Ceremony, and Restoration of the land.