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Fall Equinox & Encampment

Men and women will gather on Long Island to honor the rhythms of Nature and share the common experience of attuning to the change of energy in the new season. We will share our individual teachings from the season past, give gratitude to the allies and guides who lead and protected us throughout the season past, acknowledge each other’s’ unfolding in consciousness, hold each Circle member’s vision for the season to come and leave the Circle with a new Animal Spirit Guide for the fall.

Women will gather after Circle to perform the ancient Moon Ceremony in the tradition of the Sisters of the Violet Flame. The Moon Ceremony’s Sacred Fires will burn throughout the night to meld with the Sacred Fires of the first Sunrise of Autumn, the season of the Give-Away. At 6 am, we will gather for Two Feathers’ Call to the Sun and Sunrise Ceremony. Do join us in the ethers, through space and time and listen for his call, or start a Sacred Fire in your various fireplaces or fire pits to hold the transformative and active energy of FIRE to contain our communal intentions as we usher in the new season of autumn and its powers of harvest and gratitude. Thank you for your service to community.

Here‚Äôs how to get the most and give the most of the change of the season with or without a Sacred Fire. ¬†Rise shortly before sunrise, set your intentions and listen for Two Feather’s Call to the Sun. Then offer your first Morning Prayer of the new season with the Intentions to honor all our Spirit Allies for summer and to connect with each other and all who are observing this holy day in Spirit through the gifts of FIRE, community and tradition. After Morning Prayers, remember to thank the Earth Mother for all Her gifts and seal that energy with a Welcoming Song from heart to heart.

Fall Encampment

This Fall Gathering is a time for the Solis Clan, a community of¬†men and women who have been initiated into this meditation¬†to gather to rededicate themselves to¬†the Emerald Tablets Meditation practice and for newcomers to learn and be initiated into the meditation practice of The Emerald Tablets Meditation — a formidable, ancient, Hermetic moving meditation. ¬†It requires encampment participants to read The¬†Translations of The Emerald Tablets, to¬†fast for 3 days in order to honor the Season and assimilate the vibration,and to commune with the Earth‚Äôs energy and seek guidance and grounding.¬†

The Encampment is blessed with Moon Ceremony in the Egyptian Rites, and sealed with Sunrise Ceremony.  No previous meditation experience is required.