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Spring Equinox

Moonfire’s Spring Equinox¬†Community¬†Circle and Ceremonies

Join us in Sacred Space to honor the Cycles, celebrate Spring Equinox and welcome New Beginnings/New Life.

The Moonfire Community Spring Equinox Circle and Celebration for men, women and children begins gathering at 5 pm.  Circle with Deep Arrow Woman and the Lodge starts at 7:30 pm and will be followed by Moon Ceremony.

We’ll¬†share gratitude for life, blessings and lessons learned throughout this long, cold winter; honor our Winter Season Guides; utilize Spring‚Äôs gifts of regeneration to focus our intentions for the season to come;¬†welcome new Sacred Animal Allies to guide us;¬†and support each other in this age of miracles and love.

After Circle many will stay to celebrate Pipe Ceremony and, in a shared sacred silence, prepare Prayer Bundles for our Sunrise Ceremony as well as support the women at Moon Ceremony.

All Sacred Fire Ceremonies are held outdoors.

Following the Circle and Ceremonies, we will gather once again gather at 6:30 am. ¬† At this time, we will gather for our¬†Sacred Fire Sunrise Ceremony by¬†calling in the first light of the New Season. ¬†This ceremony welcomes the sun’s nurturing light of regeneration and awakens Mother Earth from her winter’s sleep. ¬†Each person at the Ceremony will have the opportunity to offer prayers of release, gratitude and blessings for the season ahead.¬†Bring a rattle to wake up the Earth and chant the Welcoming Song.

Please join us in body or in spirit for these Circles, Ceremonies and Celebrations.

Gathering Precautions: Because of the magnitude of these sacred events, please avoid the use of alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 48 hours prior to ceremony. Often people fast to prepare for these community celebrations, but many people have health issues and work circumstances that make fasting too challenging and/or medically inadvisable.  As an alternative to fasting, eat light, healthy meals and drink plenty of good water.  Also, take some time in the days leading up to these Equinox events to rest, meditate and dream your beautiful dream for the world.

There is never a fee for ceremony.  However, there is a tradition of gifting a monetary contribution or exchange to our ceremonial leaders. We are encouraged to gift in order to: demonstrate our gratitude to be able to pray in these ways that nourish our spiritual growth; commit to our personal and communal abundance; and complete this circle of selfless giving.  With this tradition of gifting, we honor those who have offered themselves to learn and conduct these Sacred Ceremonies that have sustained our Moonfire Community since 1990.

Please bring: a rattle for our Moonfire Community Spring Equinox Circle and Sunrise Ceremony (some additional rattles are available); Circle fee; warm, layered clothing for outdoor events; a personal refillable water bottle (not to contribute to the 2 million plastic bottles that are discarded every 10 seconds in the USA); snacks to share and creature comforts.