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Winter Solstice

Discover Winter’s gifts and how to overcome its challenges, find your Winter Animal Allies,¬†participate in a Potlatch Circle Ritual,¬†learn to prepare Pony Bundles, Protection Bundles and Prayer Bundles, share stories of gratitude for blessings and lessons learned throughout the year, and support personal and communal Winter Dreams in this age of miracles and love.

Earth Renewal Sacred Fire Ceremony comes from Hopi Grandfather David Monongye so that the Hopi would not be alone in the responsibility to keep the Earth in Balance. It reminds the People that Beauty, Peace and Harmony are learned and that the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of these qualities is in their hands each day, with each breath and each choice.  This beautiful ceremonial experience, passed on to Deep Arrow Woman from her teacher, honors the cycles of the seasons and of all life, and connects all that is.

This Ceremony is held outdoors and is free of charge for particpation, yet the custom of offering a donation to complete the exchange of energy does apply.