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For thousands of years Firewalking was very esoteric.  It was shrouded in mystery and only practiced by a handful of people.  In 1977 however, a radical shift happened in Firewalking’s evolution.  In that year, Scientific American printed an article that essentially offered the public a how-to guide for Firewalking.  Tolly Burkan ( offered his first Firewalk that year, and in 1983 he taught Tony Robbins how to Firewalk.

Firewalking exploded in the 1990s.  In 2009, I went to Dallas, TX to the Firewalking Institute of Research & Education for my training.  There I received my certification as a F.I.R.E. Instructor along with seventeen men and two other women in after walking 108 fires in one night.

Currently, I am the only certified F.I.R.E. Instructor on Long Island.

Knowing the secret behind Firewalking, Board Breaking, Glass Walking, and other Extreme Spirituality exercises (a term coined by Tolly Burkan) can improve your life! Even if you never do it yourself, knowing how it works can bring you better health and increased personal power. Why? Because Firewalking demonstrates how your thoughts impact everything else in your life. Thoughts change brain chemistry, and that results in an alteration of body chemistry as well.