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Women’s Ways Circle

SINCE 1990 we’ve been reviving the ancient tradition of women gathering to celebrate our feminine nature and to empower each other. Women’s Ways Circles have provided a safe and sacred space for women to explore our authentic voice, live fully and confidently from our hearts, and acknowledge the uniqueness of the feminine spirit. Women’s timeless mysteries have never been more relevant. This gathering offers the opportunity to experience the peaceful and nurturing qualities inherent in living from the heart and remembering who we truly are.

Women’s Ways Circles are a totally feminine experience that helps us remember that all women are daughters of the Earth C healers, teachers, ¬†mentors, leaders, artists, counselors, and powerful spiritual beings.


Come explore the gifts of intuition and sisterhood, and the power of myths – timeless mysteries that are still so relevant today. ¬†Come nourish your soul. All Circles are open to every woman who is seeking support, information, community, and inspiration in her life. ¬†No previous experience of ¬†this type of gathering is necessary, and no religious or spiritual practice is required. All are welcomed to a Women’s Ways Circle.

Ways of the Talking Stick at a Women’s Ways Circle

Each Circle begins with a meditation to help set a sacred space large and strong enough to hold the energy of all the voices, stories, emotions, thoughts and dreams of the women gathered. ¬†The use of a Talking Stick helps make Women’s Ways Circles a safe place to be and to share. ¬†It‚Äôs an ancient and powerful tool that encourages women to find their voice, speak their truth, ¬†and share long buried feelings and points of view.

After a brief reading by the¬†Women’s Ways Circle facilitator, each woman is encouraged to speak ¬†the words of her heart, as well as her mind, and to listen deeply with the ears of her heart without judgment, criticism or reprisal of herself or others. ¬†However, if a woman chooses not to share, she is honored as her own authority and asked to imagine the thousands of others who have sat in Circles since 1990 and had the ¬†support of the Talking Stick.

In time, each woman begins to listen to the spaces between the words, as the hard edges of each heart begin to soften with compassion, and one more layer of mental and emotional protection falls away.  Then all at the Circle are free to be more authentic with self and others and take this empowerment home to family and friends.  Each Circle ends with a blessing and a hug.

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To complete the circle of energy exchange, pay for expenses, place value on your experience and honor the tradition of Women’s Ways, a medicine gift of $25 is an appropriate way to bring this circle work into your heart and into the world.¬† Your Circle fee also supports U.N.I.F.E.M., U.N.I.C.E.F., Hawkwing on the Pine Ridge Reservation, and women and children’s national and international organizations & causes.

Thanks to you, Women’s Ways Circles have never turned away any women in financial hardship – thanks to you and the generous donations of those at our circles throughout the county. This experience is for everyone .