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Seasonal TeleCircles

Spiritually prepare yourself for our TeleCircle that connects us through cyber space and provides updates on all the Sacred Fires being lit for the first Sunrise of a new season connecting us with each other through the ether’s. ¬†How fortunate are we!

As a way of preparing for the TeleCircle, I invite you to spend some time by yourself to honor and observe the cycle of the season, seek the wisdom within, and focus on your intentions for summer.

Smudge yourself and the space you are sitting in for Circle.

Find the¬†Animal Ally card that you’ve been carrying around for the past 3 months and bring it with you to the TeleCircle.

Reflect on your experiences, healing and teachings with the Animal Ally who guided you through the season past.

Create your intention for the Circle.

Do the Braiding Ritual. (optional)
Call in all your allies and spirit Guides, your saints and avatars, your ancestors and families of blood and bond.  Welcome all aspects of yourself, those you love and those you don’t, to help and to heal into an experience of wholeness and oneness, and call to mind your vision for the new season.

Create a list of persons, places and situations that are in need of healing and prayers to be used in our Closing Ritual.


Bring your rattle to use when we sing The Welcoming Song.  Use a good phone (landlines work better than cell phones) and create a personal space and time for yourselves.  Sisters, if possible, wear a skirt or dress.  This honors the tradition of the Circle.

TeleCircle Coordinates will be provided upon request.
Circle Start Time: 8 PM     End Time: 9:30 PM  EASTERN


* I invite you to join me¬†5 – 10 min. before the¬†TeleCircle¬†opens. ¬†Once we begin, you may be blocked from joining the Circle “live,”¬†although you¬†will¬†be able to listen to the call. ¬†This extra time will help us ground the energy for all who are gathering.

*I’m not sure how many of us there will be on this call for Circle, (we had 40 for the Spring TeleCircle) so please be patient and generous of spirit until we work out the initial kinks. ¬†Until we’re ready to go, just hold space to make it a safe and sacred¬†experience¬†for us all.

*TeleCircle will open with our Welcoming Song.  Some of you may be familiar with this sacred chant and others not so.  After the second round of this four round chant you will feel as through you’ve been singing it all your lives.  Allow our Welcoming Song to refresh your weariness from a most challenging season past; have it work like a spring tonic to fortify you for the activity that spring brings.  Just stay open to receiving the benefit of its energy.

* I‚Äôve¬†arranged for the TeleCircle to compliment a Q&A¬†Mode. ¬†I’ll then let you know¬†when it is time for you to unmute your line¬†to answer or ask questions.

* We will pass the cyber/virtual Talking Stick to each person, or as many participants as possible, to share their blessings or lessons of the season past.* Each of us will receive a new Spirit Animal guide for the season ahead… all in the energy of community.


At Sunrise, start a Sacred Fire in our various fireplaces or fire pits to hold the transformative and active energy of FIRE and our communal intentions to usher in the new season of summer and its powers of healing.

So, rise shortly before sunrise, set your intentions and listen for “the¬†Call to the Sun.” Then offer your first Morning Prayer of the new season with the¬†Intentions to¬†honor all our Spirit Allies for¬†summer¬†and to connect with each other and all who are observing this holy day in Spirit through the gifts of FIRE, community and tradition. ¬† After Morning Prayers, remember to thank the Earth Mother for all Her gifts and seal that energy with a Welcoming Song from heart to heart.

Wishing you all a blessed, healthy, abundant and joyous new season.