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Everyday Shamanism

Workshops & TeleSeminars

Everyday Shamanism is an amalgam of oral ancient traditions, indigenous wisdom and current research on mutable reality – an essential course in the power and joy of living shamanism for contemporary practitioners.

Workshops are filled with power allies, love, compassion, mudras, mantras, prayers, sacred songs, visualizations, journeys, and rituals practiced by a dynamic, modern Shamanic Community with whom to share your gifts.  You can’t get all that from a book!

Explore the mysteries of the Four Sacred Sisters (the Elements), learn to live “star born and earth bound”, and create healing bundles for problem solving and home altars for deeper self-knowledge and greater spiritual expression.

Everyday Shamanism TeleSeminars consist of:

Seven 90-minute recordings of Experiential Classes focused on Everyday Shamanism tools, prayers, practices, philosophies, sacred chants, objects and rituals.

Seven 30-minute Live Interactive Clan Coaching Sessions in mini-groups, called Clans, to hear personal stories and weave weekly experiences into a daily spiritual practice.

Become an integral part of this growing community of like hearted, like-minded Everyday Shamans.