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The Emerald Tablets Solis Clan

emeraldDear Clan,

What a weekend! ¬†Thank you all for your support of this important work and the Encampment weekend that has established itself as a container to keep these Mysteries alive for us all. ¬†‚ÄúSa Sekhem Sahu¬†Sa” – May¬†the breath of Life and Sacred Might liberate the highest possible outcome for the transfigured, divine human.‚ÄĚ

In my 28 years of ET work, I have never had a more inspiring, fulfilling, amazing, successful, expansive, revealing, transformational and enjoyable experience as I did this weekend with the hearty, loving Clan members who were present. ¬†Simply amazing! ¬†Out of this world expansive! ¬†Impossible to duplicate or outdo¬†‚ÄĒ¬†ever! ¬†On¬†Saturday, our “initiates’ study group” lasted until midnight‚Ķreading, discussing,¬†analyzing,¬† absorbing the healing and prophetic works of Thoth, applying them to ourselves, our families, our community and our planet¬†‚ÄĒ¬†past, present and future.

We pressed through the Star Gate to the Halls of Amenti and shared re-membering the Lords and Ladies¬†of Light that Thoth talked about in The Tablets. ¬†On¬†Sunday, together we celebrated the “call to the sun,”¬†meditated in community, renewed our djeds, refreshed our Clan Healing Bundle, Initiated Stands Strong Woman as Priestess and Michael as Priest of these Tablet teachings. ¬†They were transformed before our very eyes.¬†¬†Then¬†I¬†gave the duty of safeguarding our Canopic Jars to¬†Stands Strong¬†and entrusted our¬†Initiation Sarcophagus (like in the King‚Äôs Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Gaza) to Michael.

UPDATE: Patricia is our¬†Solis Healing Bundle Keeper for yet another year.¬†So if you want to request it, contact her at¬†[email protected]. ¬†Thank you all for your service.

Sarah, at the risk of embarrassing you, again‚Ķmy heart ‚Äď our hearts – are so happy to have your generous and loving heart invite us back year after year. ¬†Your land, especially with the loving care of Michael and Paulie, was so embracing and healing and connected us to these ancient teaching in such a profound way, and your meditation room was never so magical as our temple.

So, solis Clan, enjoy working with your Djeds, everyone. ¬†If you have any questions or messages from dreamtime or your time in the Halls, send them to [email protected] and I‚Äôll see to it that every member of our Clan is informed. ¬†OK?

em hotep,
Deep Arrow

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