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Manifest Circle

Join our “Spring into Action ‚ÄstVisioning to Manifesting Circle.”

Spring is a time for making Vision (dreaming a sacred dream in winter) and a time for taking Action (practicing courage in spring).

Now it’s time to take an ACTION-STRATEGY that delivers!

Do you have the courage to ask for what you want, create an Action Strategy and stick to it?

Are you ready to be empowered to recreate yourself and the world from your highest potential?

If success was your only option, and failure was not a possibility…

How much of yourself would you focus and apply to taking Action Strategies to Manifest Your Visions?

What if you realized it was only a matter of time before your Action Strategies brought your dreams to fruition?

Focus your Attention, Expand your Awareness and Take Action with the necessary Strategies to Manifest Your Vision for 2016.


How are you doing with your PRACTICE VISION?  Take an ACTION STEP each day, not necessarily a STRATEGY STEP just yet.  Remember, an ACTION STEP is your way of alerting subconscious that you mean business.  It sends a message to subconscious that you are committed to substituting a more powerful, timely dominant opinion. How you now choose to have your life work rather than manifesting your vision based on your old, limiting beliefs.  Remember, an ACTION STEP a day creates a sense of SUCCESS that turns on subconscious and generates the fuel for MOMENTUM. SUCCESS breeds SUCCESS.  This is a great thing!

If now is the time to take ACTION…what are you waiting for?

1)  Select your Practice Vision.

2)¬† Write out the visceral details. ¬†Include how that Vision makes you feel;¬†why it’s important to you and perhaps to others and the work; and how you, others and the world will ultimately benefit from the manifestation of such a visions or one higher.¬† Make it engage all of who you are – Body, mind, soul and spirit.¬† Embellish it with all your senses – colorful, desirable, emotional.

3)¬† Check it to make sure it “sings” to you.¬† Have it be in alignment with your PASSION, PURPOSE, TRUE NATURE and JOY.

4)¬† Hand write a short form of your vision.¬† This AFFIRMATION is like a powerful post- hypnotic suggestion that encapsulates everything you wrote in your description (in #2), and more. “I choose to allow myself to…!”

5)  Say this often throughout the day, scribble it on pieces of paper, put it on flash cards to post around your office or apartment.  Make it relevant.  Keep it in the forefront of your conscious mind.

6)  Add any of the other tools you picked up on Saturday to your ACTION STEPS РThe Mirror Meditation, Subliminal Reprogramming, Vision Board, Creative Visualization, Whole-Brain Meditation, etc.

7)  Just DO something each day in addition to ACTION #5 (the number of possibility and opportunity) to advance your new relationship with subconscious and your vision Рabsolutely anything will help send the message to subconscious that you truly desire and deserve this outcome.

8)¬† Keep it simple and “light”.