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Sacred Union

Sacred Union is a journey of Balance and Harmony in body, mind, soul and spirit; healing the Wounded Warrior; meeting archetypes of our inner Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine; learning to integrate the energies of your Initiations in a swifter and more consistent way; helping your loved ones deal with the energy of the increased light you absorb; and re-creating wholeness/holiness within by engaging the Compassion of our Sacred Feminine to mend and recreate the Sacred Hoop within each of us.

We work with archetypes, Women’s Ways Wild Cards, Kachinas, rituals and ceremonies, sexuality, the realms of the seen and the unseen as they relate to “the world of things”, and the vibration of joy and other creative energies, to help these splintered aspects of Life and Self dialogue, heal, fall-in-like and love, and choose to bond for life. Ready to resonate this holiness (wholeness) into the world?

This body of work is designed to assist you in assimilating and integrating all the light you have accumulated these past few years into a cohesive field of harmony and bring back fragmented pieces of body, mind, and soul into balance with your Infinite Nature and the world around you. 

Level 3 of the Mystery School a 9 month program of group gatherings and TeleCircles that offers the experience of the Sacred Union and preparing for the Sacred Marriage – a very personal and intimate journey back to yourself.  This level of study at the Mystery School is reserved for women who have completed their Rites of Passage and Goddess Pageant and is by invitation only.