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NEW MOON-NEW YEAR Visioning Circle in the energy of the first New Moon of 2016

Lorraine Simone, M.S. Ed. (a.k.a. Deep Arrow Woman)

It’s time to manifest new possibilities and release what hasn’t been serving you.

It’s time to release old patterns of thought and behavior, explore your purpose, passion, power and joy; reconnect with your higher-self to¬†clarify what you truly value in life and CHOOSE IT.

It’s time to gather in community to exponentially enhance your ability to heal, actualize your life goals, overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs, live to your fullest potential and co-create a beautiful personal and planetary future for the highest good of all.

This time spent together in sacred space is Light¬†Years beyond New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s a day full of¬†Visioning Technologies, Shamanic Tools & Mysteries, Brain Technology Research,¬†Rituals,¬†Universal Laws, and the Power of Communal Intention

Journey, heal, play and manifest in a relaxed, high-energy environment.

Your future is now!

Visioning TeleSeminar is being offered for those unable to join us in Southampton for the regular/in-person New Moon-New Year Shamanic Visioning Circle.¬†The TeleSeminar consist of six one-hour¬†interactive¬†tutorial sessions (that will be¬†recorded for your participating convenience), an E-Book of Visioning Lessons, and the opportunity to work with a Visioning Partner. Plus,¬†just for attending the training, you’ll receive a¬†BONUS¬†of a valuable downloadable gift, just as my way of showing how awesome you are!

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. said, ‚ÄúIf you want to feel empowered, you need to make a conscious choice to dream a sacred dream and practice courage.‚ÄĚ

For me, this quote means that there is a time for making a Vision (dreaming a sacred dream in winter) and a time for taking Action (practicing courage in spring).

Now it’s time to take an ACTION-STRATEGY that delivers!

Do you have the courage to ask for what you want, create an Action Strategy and stick to it?

Are you ready to be empowered to recreate yourself and the world from your highest potential?

If success was your only option, and failure was not a possibility…

How much of yourself would you focus and apply to taking Action Strategies to Manifest Your Visions?

What if you realized it was only a matter of time before your Action Strategies brought your dreams to fruition?

Join our¬†Spring into Action ‚ÄstVisioning to Manifesting Circle.

Focus your Attention, Expand your Awareness and Take Action with the necessary Strategies to Manifest Your Vision.

If now is the time to take ACTION…what are you waiting for?