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Create change in your life through conscious conversations – with our workshops, business seminars and couples training.

Compassion-in-Communication goes beyond making a good ‘first impression.’ It’s a fundamental tool for personal growth and limitless success.  Compassion-in-Communication integrates cutting edge technologies, current research, compelling strategies, time-honored tools of oral tradition and decades of experience.

In these dynamic, interactive workshops you will:

  • Identify your listening habits and evaluate your listening skills
  • Acquire new, more effective communication tools
  • Learn to reduce stress and transform your conversations into opportunities for healing and harmony for yourself and others
  • Decode and role-play the 6 types of nonverbal communication
  • Be supported by a community of Compassionate Communicators
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • Create your own personal script for Problem Solving
  • Replace Reaction with Response
  • Chart your Self-Destruct Spiral and learn to dismantle it quickly and easily with Dynamic Strategies
  • Confidently speak with the voice of your own authority
  • Actively listen with your heart and head
  • Receive ongoing support with a communication partner

Compassion-in-Communication is a dynamic, transformational education in communication technologies designed to change your life from the inside out. The CiC Series is multi-tiered.  Classes and private sessions are accompanied by follow-up exercises called “Dynamic Dialogues” – powerfully supportive ancillary techniques to heighten one’s proficiency as a Compassionate Communicator.

This dynamic educational and transformational program is designed to uncover your personal Self Destruct Spiral.  You have hidden patterns of self sabotage, abusive inner dialogue, and emotional wounds that continue to inform your view of the world and the automatic decisions you continually make as a result of them. The workshops help you create Dynamic Strategies, methods that remove the emotional charge from past thought forms and beliefs in order for you to manifest and live your highest potential free from the burdens of the past.

Answer these questions to see if Compassion-in-Communication is right for you. Do you…

  • Ramble when you speak?
  • Interrupt or finish people’s sentences?
  • Believe good communicators are born, not trained?
  • Self – edit your conversations to keep from revealing too much of yourself?
  • Prepare your response to what’s being said, instead of listening to what people are actually saying?
  • Feel dissatisfied with the results of your communication?
  • Talk at people instead of talking with them?
  • Have people say they are afraid to speak to you?
  • Experience yourself as too aggressive or too shy in conversations?

Are you Ready to be Empowered?

If so, join the growing ranks of men, women and children benefiting from Compassion-in-Communication!

A Compassion-in-Communication Certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of each Tier of the CiC Series.


Introduction & Interpersonal Communication

      • Speaking Skills
      • Listening Skills
      • “Dynamic Dialogue” support
      • Communicating from the heart
      • Non-verbal Communication
      • Staying present in conversations
      • Recognition and Acknowledgement as communication tools


Exploring the Self in Conversation

          • Gender Communication
          • Inner Listening-(End shame & blame.)
          • The Power of Silence
          • Perceptions
          • Relationships
          • Healing Self-Sabotage
          • Making Empowered Choices
          • Forgiveness as a communication tool


Soul Communication

              • Expanded Intuition
              • Conversations beyond words
              • Deeper Listening
              • Resolution
              • Power
              • Peace
              • Love
              • Life Purpose

Reported Benefits of Compassion-in-Communication Training:

                • Experienced greater self –  awareness, & peace of mind
                • Increased self confidence
                • Enhanced self esteem
                • Reframed childhood decisions
                • Dismantled “Drama Spirals”
                • Improved daily communication
                • Elevated quality of conversations promoting emotional healing
                • Enriched business and personal relationships
                • Eliminated violent, hurtful internal self-talk and its external expression
                • Expressed difficult emotions compassionately
                • Reduced stress
                • Transformed daily conversations into opportunities for healing and harmony for oneself and others
                • Recognized acknowledgment as Compassion-in-Communication
                • Exposed, identified and eliminated ineffective speaking and listening habits that interfered with achieving and enjoying success in life.

“On a five-point scale in a recent survey by NACE, National Association of Colleges and Employers, the number one rated job candidate quality was Communication Skills.”

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