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Women’s Ways

In 1990, I developed Women’s Ways and began facilitating A Circle of Women. 

Five years later, I opened The Women’s Ways Mystery School so I could share my findings with other women who were being called to make a difference with their lives – to live their lives as their own authority, to find the power for their purpose and the purpose of their power, and to be recognized as the agents of change and carriers of Beauty that they are.

If you are ready to be truly empowered as a woman — empowered in body, mind, soul and spirit — empowered enough to transform your life and lovingly influence the lives of your family, friends and the world, as well as fearlessly embrace your health, wealth, relationships, purpose and creativity as your own authority and finally know the sacred self of your being then you have found the right place to get started.

The question remains, “Are you ready to make the choice to walk the path of power and wisdom for yourself, to reclaim your body, your voice, your authority; to facilitate deep healing; to live the life you always knew was waiting for you, but just didn’t know how you would find it?”

If so call me at 631-287-9000, for details about our Rites of Passage Open House and how to get started.  I look forward to saying to each of you – WELCOME HOME!